50% battery is the best way to save


  According to Xinhua news agency,in today's society,with the popularization of digital products,batteries have become an important part to maintain the operation of these tools.A German battery research institute says keeping batteries properly charged and discharged can extend battery life.

  Keeping the battery power between 10%and 90%is good for protecting the battery,according to Kai Christian Moeller,director of the frouhofer Silicate Institute,quoted by the German news agency on May 1.This means that when charging the batteries of digital products such as mobile phones and laptops,there is no need to reach the maximum value.

  If digital products with batteries are exposed to the sun or stored in a hot car,it is best to keep these products closed,because if the operating temperature exceeds 60℃,the battery will accelerate aging.In addition,if the cell phone battery needs to be charged every day,the reason is either that the battery is defective,or that it should"retire".For notebook owners,it's best to remove the battery if you plug it in for a long time.In this case,50%of the power is the best for battery preservation.Generally speaking,a properly used battery will lose 20%of its storage capacity after 500 charges.